Monday, April 24, 2017

Issue 18 - If Iceman Should Fall

Wait, I thought that Magneto was in space with Toad and The Stranger?  No, no, no, none of this adds up!

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The X-Men are in dire straights.  Professor X, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, and Angel have all be knocked out, placed in a metal sphere attached to a balloon, and are rising into the upper atmosphere where they will die of suffocation.  On Earth, Iceman is still stuck inside of his coma in the hospital with little to no help coming his way.  Magneto, proud of his work, takes action.

Using his incredible magnetic strength, Magneto lifts the X-Men's mansion off the ground with the intention to destroy it, but then realizes a better way to use the his new base!  As he tidy's up inside (because the mansion got messy when he levitated it off the ground), Angel's parents ring the doorbell.  Magneto introduces himself, and then turns Angel's parents into his brainwashed slaves when he had them look into his eye like a magician from the 1920s.

Angel's parents fall into a deep trance, and head up to the spare bedroom exhausted.  While Angel's parents are asleep Magneto builds a mutant making machine (much like Trask did with the sentinels), and taps into Angel's parents blood cells, analyzing them for the mutant gene.  Now not only will this mutant machine Magneto has made allow him to create mutants, but it will also allow him to control the powers that they possess!

Back in the upper atmosphere, Professor X has found a way to break free of Magneto's mental wave distorter, and it falls to the ground around him shattered.  He rouses the rest of the X-Men, and then reaches out to Iceman, hoping that he is able to be contacted.

At the hospital, the doctors have created a laser induces hypodermic which will penetrate Iceman's cold and hard exterior.  The process is slow, but eventually they are able to bore a hole in his exterior and inject him with a sulfa drug.  When Professor X reaches out to Iceman mentally, Iceman hears him and is able to get out of bed and follow Professor X's orders.

Iceman uses an ice slide to get back to the mansion quickly, and without being noticed.  He climbs up his ice ladder outside of the mansion and see Magneto using the mutant creation machine on Angel's parents, but he slips and falls to the ground before he can stop Magneto.

Magneto pulls the lever on the machine and he begins creating mutants.

Iceman is not down for the count yet though.  He gets into the room with Angel's parents and blocks off the machine's access to them by forming an ice barrier between the two and Magneto's body cell selector.

Magneto doesn't like this, and he lashes out by throwing everything he can at Iceman, who dodges it all gracefully while creating an ice slide and slipping between Magneto's legs.

Iceman pulls Magneto down the ice slide tunnel he has created leading out into the front yard, and then traps Magneto inside an igloo.

Back in the balloon, Marvel Girl has used her telepathy to stop the balloon's ascension into space, and Cyclops has focused his optic blast to a pinpoint on the balloon, letting out it's gas.  The gas escapes too quickly, and the X-Men fall quickly to Earth.

Just before they hit the ground, Marvel Girl uses her telepathic powers to stop the bubble from crashing into Earth.

When they finally escape the confines of the bubble - they see Iceman and Magneto engaged in battle, and rush to his aid.

The X-Men and Magneto collide in battle, while Professor X performs his most challenging telepathic outreach so far, as he mentally reaches across the universe to come in contact with The Stranger.  The Stranger heeds his warning, and flies back to Earth, abducting Magneto again.

The X-Men run inside the mansion and quickly switch off the body cell selector machine Magneto made, and the mutants he was creating vanish before their eyes.  Angel's parents wake up feeling rested and refreshed, and they all sit down for a nice dinner.


How the heck did Magneto escape from The Stranger in the first place?

Well, I'm glad you asked that question.  While Magneto was held captive on a strange planet by The Stranger, he and Toad found a spaceship graveyard.  Magneto used his powers of magnetism to build a new space ship.  He then kicked Toad off the ship, abandoning him on the planet, and used his magnetism powers to navigate back to Earth.

There you go!  Now you know!

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